Slides: Talk about Drupal Panels

Slides for the talk about Drupal Panels at Monthly Drupal Meet Bangalore 14 DEC 2013

Drupal Database Api: Load a single Row

Loading a single row as an associate array from the Database using Drupal 7 database API

Admiral : Radix based responsive Drupal Admin theme

Admiral is a responsive Drupal admin theme Its build on top of the Awsome Radix base theme. And radix as you know is all of Twitter bootstrap's awsomeness laid out for developers. Radix is built mainly by keeping panppoly in mind. So most of its features are linked to panels. Its the same in the case of Admirals as well. admiral

Drupal Database Api: Check if row entry exists

Check if an entry exists using Drupal's Databse api

Get All template variables in a Drupal tpl file

When you want to see all available templates variables in Drupal, Use the function get_defined_vars() to get them as an array().

You can print them in your templates as a DUMP by pasting

CSS3 Bouncing BOX

Well this time, Iv decided to go 3D.

To start with, i made a 3d Box out of some DIVs using CSS3.

Web Platform Docs

So here you have on place for everything WEB. A community driven portal/wiki which will someday make the web more Standardized; as its what they say.

And Adobe is one of the founding fathers, or mother or what ever..
Get over to and see for your self.

Processing multiple ajax requests Simultaneously

So i had this requirement where i have to send multiple service calls and have to process the data from all these calls together.
The trouble is, the data returned; even though is of the same format; have various lengths. Means one request might have too much data
and the other might have too little. Depending upon this, the duration of the request/response will also vary.

So i had to make sure that the requests where sent simultaneously and had to trigger a callback when all the responses have been received successfully.

CSS3 Rotating CUBE

So i setoff on a quest to make a BOX out of CSS alone and make it rotate.

And here i am making some SPANs and DIVS move like a CUBE

Quick Closure. How to write closures for simple Javascript Functions

This is a quick Example of usage of Closure in Javascript.
For this i am going to take the case of a small function which helps you convert Time stamps into Dates


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